Discover New York

A city as large as New York has an endless supply of things to do and places to discover. Our goal at OPEN LOOP NY is to enable you to see and experience all the best. So to help you make the most of the city, this page is dedicated to providing you ideas on where to go and updates on all the top of-the-moment events.

Carnitas Tacos Otto’s Tacos - Garrett Ziegler C.C.License Best Places to Eat on a Budget in NYC
Traveling to New York City can be expensive, especially when it comes to food. Yet, there are many affordable places that people do not know about. We have created a list of all different types of affordable restaurants close to an Open Loop stop so you can hop-off the bus whenever you are hungry.
Red Hook Grain Elevator- Matt Kane C.C.License Secrets of New York City
New York City originated in 1624. With 8.5 million people currently living here, the city is bursting of history and secrets. Take a look at the interesting things that haunt in the city daily. 
Afternoon in Brighton Beach- Reinis Traidas C.C.License Top Events for August 2017
August is one of the most popular months to visit NYC. Each day there is either a festival, sporting event, or celebration no matter which neighborhood you are traveling to. Whether you are looking to come to NYC or already have a trip booked, we have put together a list of events in August that will increase your explorations of things to do while here visiting.
Yankee Stadium 5 - Yankee Fans. C.C.License Why our Bronx Loop?
Here at Open Loop, we tend to admire our Manhattan Tours and especially our best-selling Downtown Loop quite frequently. Yet, there is so much to do in the boroughs outside of Manhattan that tourists traveling to NYC may not be aware of. By taking our Bronx Loop, you will learn more about the non-touristy aspects of NYC and see a different area that is less chatted about.
Holey Cream- m01229 C.C.License Must Try Ice Cream in NYC
With a city as big as New York City, you may be overwhelmed with the amount of food and drink options on your trip. During summertime while walking around on a hot day, it is no doubt one may crave an ice cream cone. We have created a list of New York City’s best ice cream parlors to make sure you are able to try the best there is on a hot summer day. A lot of these parlors are accessible by our buses!
Eduardo Kobra Street Art on the Highline NYC- Nan Palmero C.C.License Date Ideas In New York City
Visiting NYC with your significant other? There is no doubt that New York City will give you one of the best romantic experiences you could have. We have created a list of things to do with your date while visiting NYC that will also allow you to do some of the best sightseeing there is.
Rooftop Bar - Jim Pennucci. C.C.License Night Time Must Do's

It is true that New York City is the city that never sleeps. As much as there are a ton of places and areas to explore during the day, there is an equal amount at night. No matter if you’re out adventuring at 10:00PM or 3:00AM, you will find something to entertain you...

nyc.subway.- Jafar Shameem C.C.License Tips for Surviving in NYC

Preparing a vacation to NYC can be overwhelming. You may be too busy planning your agenda and hospitality to where you may forget to research the lifestyle. Here is a list of things to know and be aware of before your trip to New York City. After reading this, you’ll easily blend in with the locals!

Chinatown- Jonas Bengtsson C.C.License Attractions of Our Best-Selling Downtown Loop

The Downtown Manhattan Loop is the most popular of Open Loop’s single-loop tours.  For visitors who only have a few hours to spare, Manhattan offers the highest concentration of world-famous New York landmarks and Open Loop has stops to hop-on and off at them all...

zoo_monkey- Paul Shaffner C.C.License Family Friendly Things to do in NYC
Traveling in New York City with children can be hard. Many times the attractions that interest the parents, do not always keep the children distracted. We have created a list of things to do that involve every family member at any age. Once visiting these destinations, you’ll hear nothing but cheers from the children!
Madison Square Garden - Christian Reimer. C.C.License Interesting Facts About New York City
New York City is filled with information about the past, present and future. Whether it is history of events, people or common attractions, every block you walk will have some sort of history or plan for the future that contributes to the amazement of New York City. 
Macarons- Jaume Escofet C.C.License Free Things to do in NYC June and July this Summer
Everyone knows living or traveling in New York City can be expensive. Yet, there are so many free attractions, events and parks that are welcome to the public with no expense at all. Here we have listed 10 enjoyable things you and your friends or family can access free of charge...
Macarons- Jaume Escofet C.C.License Lesser Known Attractions of New York City
Everyone is familiar with the major attractions found in New York City. To shine a light on some of the overshadowed and for those needing a break from the immense crowds, here is a list of fun things to do in New York City that are unknown to many.
Macarons- Jaume Escofet C.C.License The Most Strange/Funky/Fun Foods to Try in NYC
One thing New York City is famous for is their various options of food and beverage. You simply cannot walk one block in NYC without passing a restaurant. But while you are here, wouldn’t you want to try something you could not try anywhere else in the world?...
Upper East Side as seen across The Lake at Central Park, New York City - Chris Alban Hansen. C.C.License 12 Diverse New York City Festivals in June and July 2017
New York City is home to some of the most famous, inspiring and culturally diverse festivals. If you are interested in film, music, food, art, heritage or social change, NYC has a festival for you. These popular festivals take place at some of the most monumental NYC attractions bringing in thousands of festival lovers each year...
Upper East Side as seen across The Lake at Central Park, New York City - Chris Alban Hansen. C.C.License Neighborhoods of Manhattan
Home to nearly two-million individuals with millions more pouring in everyday for work and visit, one can easily get lost in the bustle of Manhattan. The dominant tourist destination out of the five boroughs, the island of Manhattan has a near-endless supply of sights and activities—an overwhelming amount, really...
The Empire State Bulding - Marco Nürnberger. C.C.License Top 10 Things to do in New York City
With all the thrilling destinations our buses stop at along the various routes, it may be difficult to decide which ones to hop-off at. To help make your decision a little easier, we have outlined what we find to be the 10 activities that most demand a visit.